Virtual Summer Coding Camps for Kids

Summer will be here before we know it, which means it is time to start planning for summer camp! At Inspirit AI, we offer virtual summer coding camps and classes for kids!

Does your young learner enjoy playing video games? Is your child fascinated with robots, computers, and new technologies? Does your child like tinkering and building? Or, is your learner interested in storytelling, art, or music?

Dive into the world of computer science with a virtual coding camp this summer!

At Inspirit AI, we help your child apply their interests to real-world STEM and computer science projects! Our virtual summer coding camps and classes help spark interest and curiosity in every type of learner.

Let’s take a look at some key reasons that students should learn to code this summer.


Why Should Kids Learn to Code this Summer?

Summer is the perfect time to try new things. For many kids, learning how to code is a great option. For others, summer is a great opportunity to deepen programming skills and explore new concepts like artificial intelligence and machine learning.

  • By learning how to code this summer, students will:
  • Boost their STEM skills before next school year.
  • Develop essential computational thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Discover new interests and passions.
  • Learn to use technology to produce and create meaningful projects!

Regardless of where your student is in their technical education, Inspirit AI has a program expertly designed to fit their experience and excitement about the world of coding, design, and AI!

To learn more about the learning outcomes from taking computer science classes, read our recent blog post on the Top 5 Reasons Why Every Kid Should Learn to Code.


What Virtual Summer Coding Camps Are Available?

At Inspirit AI, we offer virtual summer coding camps and courses for 2nd grade students and up, developed and taught by Stanford and MIT graduates! In this blog post, we will share opportunities for elementary and middle school students (2nd – 8th grade).

To learn more about our high school program, please visit our high school website here.

AI Adventurers Level 1 and Level 2 (Grades 2-5)

Our elementary summer coding program, called AI Adventurers, focuses on the fundamentals of programming and introduces students to AI (artificial intelligence). Students will learn to program their own stories and games in Scratch, a block-based programming tool developed by MIT.

Course topics include:

  • Events, Loops, Conditionals, Variables, and Functions
  • Storytelling and Game Design
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, including voice assistants, self-driving cars and AI Art & Music!

I’m always amazed and delighted at the creativity and imagination elementary-age kids bring to coding. Their unconventional way of thinking is exactly the kind of energy that makes computer science fun for everyone.” – Emmy Li, Instructor & Curriculum Developer

AI Creators (Grades 5-7)

Our 5th-7th grade summer coding camp is called AI Creators. Students will build AI apps using block-based programming tools like Scratch and Thunkable and machine learning tools like Google’s Teachable Machine. As students learn about the concepts and ethical challenges behind AI and the basics of programming, they train and deploy machine learning models for self-driving cars, chatbots, classification problems, and more!

Course topics include:

  • Block-based programming in Scratch and Thunkable
  • Machine learning in Teachable Machine
  • Artificial Intelligence Exploration, including chatbots, self-driving cars, and classification problems!

AI Pioneers (Grades 7-8)

Our AI Pioneers summer coding students are introduced to text-based programming in Python! As they learn to program AI in Python and RunDexter, they apply algorithms to real-world datasets, discuss AI ethics and careers, and build interactive web apps to deploy their machine learning models.

Course topics include:

  • AI Programming in Python and RunDexter
  • Social Impact of AI
  • Artificial Intelligence Projects, including AI + healthcare, computer vision + self-driving cars, sketch recognition, and recommender systems!

What Are the Virtual Summer Coding Camp Details?

Our elementary classes have a program length of 12.5 hours each, whereas our middle school classes are both 25 hours. The summer schedule can be found directly on the respective course tabs on our website:

  • AI Adventurers: View our 2nd-5th grade program information here.
  • AI Creators: View our 5th-7th grade program information here.
  • AI Pioneers: View our 7th-8th grade program information here.

All of our virtual summer coding camps have small class sizes of just 5 students! Because of this, your child will build close relationships with their instructor, as well as their other classmates from around the world.

Our virtual summer coding camps are also taught exclusively by a team of alumni and students from institutions like Stanford, Harvard, and MIT. Our instructors have a tremendous amount of programming and AI experience, and as a result, provide kids with a background in programming fundamentals, through AI-inspired projects and mentorship!

In this program, I was intrigued by all the applications AI has to offer. I searched up more on these particular topics and am considering pursuing computer science further.” – Amanya S., Inspirit AI Student

How Can I Sign Up for Inspirit AI Summer Coding Camps?

To sign up for our virtual summer coding camps for kids:

  • AI Adventurers: Sign up for our 2nd-5th grade program here.
  • AI Creators: Sign up for our 5th-7th grade program here.
  • AI Pioneers: Sign up for our 7th-8th grade program here.

You can also schedule an advisor call to chat with us about our upcoming virtual summer coding camps at Inspirit AI!


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