About Us

Our Mission

We started Inspirit Scholars to inspire students of all ages to understand and apply the powerful technologies around them. Our mission is to educate the next generation of technology leaders, who will think critically about the ethical implications of the tools they create and apply their knowledge to achieve social good.

In our programs, we bring together a team of educators, scientists, and engineers from top universities who are passionate about mentoring young students and sharing their expertise.

“I’m always amazed and delighted

at the creativity and imagination kids bring to coding. Their unconventional way of thinking is exactly the kind of energy that makes computer science fun for everyone.”

– Emmy Li, Instructor & Curriculum Developer


Meet the Instructor Team

Our team consists of alumni and graduate students from Stanford, MIT, and Harvard who have done cutting-edge research and built innovative products and technologies. We hope to bring the most recent developments in science and technology from our experiences with courses, labs, and ventures to empower middle and high school students globally.


Our team is passionate about…

Educating students around the world

Building next-generation products & companies

Advancing social good

Improving medical diagnosis

Designing better healthcare systems

Understanding the human brain

Perceiving new realities

... and more!

How It Began

We started Inspirit AI to inspire students....

Our Impact

We started Inspirit AI to inspire students to understand and apply the powerful AI technologies around them. Since our inception, we’ve worked with high school students from all over the world, both in person and through our live online bootcamps, to learn fundamental concepts of AI, prepare for college admissions, and apply their passions to achieve social good. We are excited to expand our offerings to middle school students because we know how vital it is for young students to learn and think critically about what our world will look like in the future.

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students served

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enter our program with no coding background