Are your courses online or in-person?

All Inspirit Scholars courses are delivered online.

Which course should I choose?

Here’s our general advice - please contact us if you’d like guidance for your specific situation! For students in 4th - 6th grade, take AI Creators. For students in 7th - 8th grade: If you feel ready to dive into Python programming or have any programming experience, take AI Pioneers. If you’re looking for a gentler introduction to programming, take AI Creators.

What devices do I need to participate?

Classes are held over Zoom, so you’ll need a computer with a functioning microphone, webcam, and Internet access.

What tools and skills will I learn in these courses?

Students in AI Creators will utilize block-based programming languages like Scratch and learn the fundamentals of mobile app deveopment, while students in AI Pioneers will primarily learn Python and the fundamentals of deploying a webapp.

How are you able to cover so much material in 1-2 hour sessions?

We divide up class time strategically in order to provide both breadth and depth to our students. Ultimately, our goal is to get students excited about the possibilites of AI and prepare them to delve deeper into what interests them. Our instructors also make themselves available outside class time to answer any questions students have or guide them on personal projects.

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